THE POLIO SURVIVORS HANDBOOK, given to all Post-Polio Institute patients, contains the research-based and time-tested protocol that has been found to successfully treat Post-Polio Sequelae. But this "home version" of the HANDBOOK has been rewritten to educate you, your local doctor and therapists so that you can receive the same customized treatment for PPS close to your home that you would receive at The Post-Polio Institute.

The HANDBOOK explains the causes of PPS symptoms: fatigue, muscle weakness, pain, sleep disorders, cold intolerance and heightened sensitivity to pain and anesthesia. Then, the HANDBOOK helps you to identify and avoid PPS symptom "triggers" and describes a combination of energy conservation, diet, assistive devices, stress and pain management -- BUT NOT EXERCISE -- that addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of PPS, helping you to substitute the old “Use it or Lose it” philosophy for a new “Conserve to Preserve” lifestyle that reduces fatigue, muscle weakness, pain and stress.


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